We’ll read and review your book

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Our Reviews

We’re happy to read and review your book and, if you want, to add your review to our website for our followers to read. We’ll also post our review to Amazon if you want us to. We especially want to work with new and independent authors.

Our Preferrred Genres

We have an eclectic taste in books.

Suspense, mystery, crime, and adventure are high on our wish list. Romance, science fiction, ‘adult’, and epic fantasies are not. We’re usually happy to read YA books but not poetry.

The best way to know if we’d like your book is to browse our reviews. Or just send us a short outline/synopsis/description.

We prefer eBooks and can work with ePub, mobi, and PDF formats.

Contact us

Send an email to


Or post a message below with your email address and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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