Books: The Father’s Son

The Father’s Son
by Peter McPhie

What an excellent read – I loved The Father’s Son from start to finish.

The plot is relatively simple: boy’s father (a policeman) is kidnapped and never seen again. As his mother had already died, the boy goes into the government care system and has a rough start to life outside the care system. With some luck and hard work, the boys grows up to become an FBI agent. He’s called to help root out ‘inside’ corruption in the police and so is working undercover in Philadelphia. The crime he’s working on is linked to his father’s disappearance and ultimately it becomes clear that he is tracking down his father’s killer. As he gets closer to the killer, his own son is kidnapped. And as it’s a suspense, I’ll leave my plot description there.

The plot is well-constructed and credible. The characters are kept to a minimum and are each well-created with enough back-story to make them credible and developed. The good characters are likeable, the bad ones aren’t.

The story flows at an appropriate pace and picks up in the last few chapters as the story becomes exciting and an ending is near.

Very well-written. I really enjoyed reading this book.

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