Books: I Swear I’m Not Insane

I Swear I’m Not Insane
by C.M. Peterson

I Swear I’m Not Insane is a really good read: well-paced, a lot happening, many twists and surprises, and, in the end, quite an emotional read.

Two friends on a road trip, sort of – at least, that’s how this story begins.

What begins as 2 undercover police on a road trip soon becomes an alternative reality for two escaped patients from a psychiatric detention facility. As their medication wears off, their real selves are allowed to surface, complete with anxieties and memories of their earlier lives… The reader is gradually invited into their stories through a series of conversations and incidents. These two intriguing friends come to be in possession of a six-year-old deaf girl who doesn’t seem to mind the adventure, which eventually concludes at the Mexico border. I’ll not complete the plot description because this is a suspense, but I will say the ending is satisfying for the reader (for this reader).

The character development was excellent as was the writing/story-telling. The two friends’ back-stories were sufficiently complex and real to make the whole book feel disturbingly and uniquely authentic.

I enjoyed reading this well-paced story and found myself sympathising with the two main characters and I certainly I hope to read more like this from his author.

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